Telephone Systems

Cutting-Edge Cloud Based Communication Solutions

with Exceptional Customer Service

Berry Business Systems simplifies business communications to provide a full suite of cloud-based business solutions, from Cloud Phone Systems and Cloud Call Centers to SD-WAN, SharePoint Cloud Migration, Fiber Optic Connectivity and beyond.

Expect the ultimate in customer support as Berry Business Systems prioritize our clients’ needs above all else. In addition to offering integrative services, we do everything in our power to make the switch from your current phone service carrier as simple as possible.

• Easy Setup and Management
• Lower Operational Expenses
• Secure and Reliable Service
• Grows with Your Business

Empower your team with the tools they need
• Modernize your business with high quality, reliable, cost-effective digital communications
• Easily manage, add and change extensions to expand as your business grows
• Connect mobile and desktop applications to keep your team connected wherever they are
• Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity protects your system settings and call data and ensures uninterrupted service

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Logging In and Customizing Your Profile in S-Net Connect
Communicating with Contacts in S-Net Connect
Placing External Calls in S-Net Connect
Managing Ongoing Calls with S-Net
Call Transferring and Parking in S-NET Connect
Customizing Your Audio Settings in S-NET Connect
Use the Click-to-Call Browser Integration in S-NET Connect
Send and Receive Text Messaging in S-NET Connect
Call Monitoring in S-NET Connect