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Meet Our Team


Tony Berry

Tony and his Dad, Vern Berry, started the company in 1976. Specializing in Electronic Cash Registers and office supplies. Tony purchased the company in 1984 and entered into the full-service Point of Sale era. He has over 35 years of experience in restaurant and point of sale solutions.

You could describe Tony as a water nut who also enjoys golf. He has a passion for fast cars and motorcycles and is serious when he pulls up beside you in traffic and says “wanna race?”

Vice President of Operations

Lesley Wright

Lesley has been employed with BBS for over a decade. She currently serves as a Vice President of Operations and continues to provide support to both our customers and our staff. Lesley is married and has one daughter. In her spare time you can find her spending time with family and enjoying her flower garden.

Senior Systems Engineer

Terry Seyller

Terry has been with Berry Business Systems for many years. His interest in technology started with a computer class in High School in the ’70s. He went to Control Data Institute in Chicago in the early ’80s and started working on cash registers in 1985. As the industry progressed he transitioned into computer point-of-sale but still enjoys working on stand-alone cash registers.