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Restaurant Manager

Let’s face it … you want a restaurant POS software system that has powerful management information and controls, provides real-time alerts and sales reports, is easy-to-use, and is supported locally. Are these expectations realistic? The answer is yes.

Restaurant Manager™ provides a solution to meet your needs and turn your expectations into a reality. This POS software gives you features including split checks, real-time sales reports, integration to mobile solutions for reporting, mobile payments, integrated EMV for payments processing, and more.


  • Local POS sales and support. Local resellers come to you for sales, training and support.
  • Cross and up-selling capabilities. Your staff will be able to sell more, making more money for your restaurant.
  • Easy-to-use. Reduce training time and mistakes.

  • Customer-focused functions. Enhance the operational needs of your restaurant.
  • Flexible access. Mobile options are available such as handheld terminals and tablets.
  • Real-time sales results. With extensive reporting features, you spend more time with your customers and still keep up with the latest profit margin and performance measures.

Get a trusted POS system that’s backed by the best support!

With 45 years of experience serving hundreds of restaurants in the Carolinas, the restaurant profitability specialists from Berry Business Systems are your local partners for support, training, and consulting. Call us at (704) 482-4006 for more information.